Chair Massage

Chair massage is performed over clothing and does not require any oil. During a chair massage, you are sitting in a massage chair that is equipped with a cushioned cradle to rest your face in, the upper chest area rests comfortably, while supported on cushion rest, arms and legs are also supported on a rest, your back and neck will completely relax while massage therapist relieves muscle tension.

People of all ages commonly experience pain and stiffness in muscles, joints and tendons, as a result of limited mobility, illness, injury, physical and emotional stresses and posture. Chair massage helps sore and tight muscles, reduces inflammation-related pain around joints which can result in better range of motion. With improved range of motion, our ability to perform day-to-day activities increases, and sustains a higher quality of life.

One of the main benefits of massage therapy is improved circulation. Healthy circulation of blood is especially important for all ages, which may be more susceptible to decreased circulation. In just 10 minutes, blood pressure and heart rate decrease. As well, improved circulation can help recover more quickly following injuries and boost energy levels, enhance immunity and improve sleep.

Chair massage is available at: workplaces, senior residences, special events and for private sessions.

1 hour ... $65.00