The Great Elements

According to Ayurveda everything in the universe is made up of these five great elements: space, air, fire, water and earth. Each of these elements offers unique qualities to our experience of living. And together, they are the basis for our connection with everything around us.

We share these same components with the people we love, the food we eat and the environments we live in. Each of the five elements informs and supports everything about our lives — including our practice of yoga. So in other words on and off the yoga mat!

Creating space in your yoga is a matter of… Being present and aware of what you’re holding in, up or onto – whether it is a thought, an emotion, or any form of tension — and allowing yourself to let it go. Letting go is for sure the most difficult Asana in yoga, and probably most challenging in life.

Grounding practice is one where we settle into our feet or sit bones. Allow our energy to root down, so that it’s effortless to grow and reach tall. When we establish our foundations, we feel safe, steady and strong.

Natural elements: water, fire, earth, air, space

The great elements are that it connects us with nature and encourages us to think about the power (both creative and destructive) and beauty of the natural world. Indeed respect for nature is threaded throughout yoga, right down to the names of the poses – tree, mountain, dog and cobra.

Which element are you most drawn to? Which feels most like your natural home? Are you a bit of a mixture or does it depend on your mood or what’s going on in your body and your life on any given day?